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H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1

H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1

If you are looking for the latest streaming news or maybe, the best streaming apps for firestick/Android TV, then you have come to the right place! In today;s post, we look at H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1

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H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1

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Watch H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1

H96 Max X2 Android Box | Android 8.1 | I Think I Like This 1 Video Description and links

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IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE : Whilst this website focuses on tutorials for updating Kodi on any device, we understand some users will use the platform for third party access. It is illegal in most countries to stream/download copyrighted content and is a criminal offence to distribute or profit from copyrighted content. 
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  1. Tis a piece of sheit…Don't own it anymore….Main Menu was laggy…Video streaming sucked even at 100 mbps download speeds. Game play was absolutely the pits. I own 2 other boxes MXQ Pro Max which outperformed this piece of crap 10 fold.
    No support from manufacturer as far as trying to resolve issues with the box. They wouldn't even answer emails. Tried their firmware updates as well. This is a total piece of shit. I can't even tell you whether it was just a faulty unit as the piece of shit manufacturer won't even acknowledge your existence….Don't buy it….

  2. I would not buy ine has I have an android. Alfawize a 8 I paid £17 .its quad core 2gb ram and 16 gb storage . I love all your videos has you always help new people thanks again for all ur stuff

  3. I've got the earlier version..H96-Pro+-7.1….Best box I've bought so far. Had it 2yrs..and never missed a beat. Get an aftermarket mini-keyboard and you're rocking….This will definitely be the next upgrade from this model….Did you also know there's a turbo vpn update?….

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