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ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS

ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS

ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS – New Firestick Tutorial

In this latest Firestick Tutorial, we look at ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS.

We scrape YouTube daily to find the best Filelinked for Firestick videos and other awesome content that help to fully load Firestick with the best apps for watching Movies, Sports and IPTV on Firestick for free!

Using the Firestick to watch the latest streams from all the best APK’s can transform the way you use your device! There are tonnes of streaming apps for the Firestick that are very useful, and ofcourse free!

So, in this post, we are offering yet another awesome Firestick Tutorial!


This tutorial will work on all Amazon Firestick Devices including the new Firestick 4K. You may also find it will work on Android TV boxes and the Nvidia Shield too! If it didn’t work, please let us know in the comments section below.

Please be aware that we just scrape videos so are not responsible if this app, service, address or website is no longer available.


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Watch ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS

ShowBox is Dead ! It's time for a change ! Try these Streaming APPS Description and Links

The popular Showbox Apk should now be avoided !, This app is so hit and miss and high profile in the media you should try these streaming apps instead !

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  1. I’ve still got old version works fine it’s the only tv and movie app that seems to work for tried cyberflix crap tried titanium stops constantly I want one to work like showbox I’ve never had any problems if I can find one just as good I’ll delete it.xx

  2. Showbox Tracks And Stores Your Info. I Deleted Data, When I Uninstalled Showbox 2 yrs Ago And Always Used A VPN When I Used Showbox. I Reinstalled Showbox About 3 months Ago, And When I Went Into Settings Location, It Was Already Active. I Checked The Favorites Section Of The Showbox And My Old Favorites From 2 Yrs Ago Were Already Saved. It Was A New Install Of Showbox, But It Already Had All My Previous Settings Of Showbox Already Saved. It Is Obvious Your Info Is Stored And Location Tracked By The App. Even If You Have Deleted Data And Uninstalled. BEWARE Of SHOWBOX. 🤔

  3. Doc squiffy? Your so awesome? You know? Your talking about show box? You know people shouldn't be using it? It's like the hurricane Dorian in United States of America? People are told to get out? Or evacuate? And they are stupid and don't leave? They get what's coming for them ? If there house is gone or they are still in there house? Don't call 911 for help? It's like show box? People want to be stupid and use it? Go ahead you get what you deserve?

  4. I use Showbox because I think is one of the best apks out there is been out for a long time and all the movies are 1080p a lot of these apps are getting shut down they not showing a lot of 1080p movies unless you use real debrid Showbox has been given Crystal Clear 1080p movies that's why I say Showbox is one of the best

  5. I avoided show-box after the after the first scare months ago….That was enough to put me off….In terms of the EU's streaming-laws..fortunately we'l be coming those rules won't apply. Downloading and storing content to distribute is illegal..They're basically hairsplitting over the terminology and meaning of downloading. Streaming..i.e. viewing is a temporary viewing option which as you stated disappears at the end of the content no harm done..Its basically identical to viewing a youtube video..its not so much "downloaded"..just "viewed"….

  6. Mate everbody Goes on about show box being dead,,👎👎👎 no way im watching iT now,,👌👌👌 catmouse no HD film update,👎👎 umm,?? Mega box,,👍 dont try to scare us we int listening,,👎👎

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