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Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

If you are looking for the latest streaming news or maybe, the best streaming apps for firestick/Android TV, then you have come to the right place! In today;s post, we look at Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

On this site, you can find tips, downloads and tutorials for things like how to update Kodi on Firestick, Android TV box and more!

Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

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Before watching Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do, it is important to read this…….

If you use your Firestick or Android TV box for streaming, then it is very important to use a VPN when using the likes of Showbox, Kodi and other platforms to watch free movies and sports online.

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Watch Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do

Showbox Update Not Working With Lime Player & Casting? | Here's What You Can Do Video Description and links

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IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE : Whilst this website focuses on tutorials for updating Kodi on any device, we understand some users will use the platform for third party access. It is illegal in most countries to stream/download copyrighted content and is a criminal offence to distribute or profit from copyrighted content. 
Whilst we do not condone the use of Kodi for third party content, we recommend you protect your identity and hide your online activity from your ISP or authorities. When using apps and websites, they may obtain and store your data such as IP addresses, locations, history and usage. Recent cases have seen apps handing over all these types of users information to authorities, which may also be sent to your ISP. Don't put your acitivity at risk, protect yourself and hide your IP address and location by using a VPN service. We recommend reading the TOP 5 VPN Services of 2019 which include any discounts and work with all platforms/devices. 

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  1. Showbox hasn't stopped working for everybody. This video is for the people who can't get it to work or are no longer able to cast. I also recommend trying Cinema HD, Cyberflix, Bee TV and Morph TV.
    Thank you for your love and support. Keep cracking on

  2. Mine tells me to update my media player and it gives me options of the media players i can use but when i click on them it says the app isn't found

  3. This Showbox update was so annoying but I just uninstalled Showbox and reinstalled it, this time not updating and it's grand. I do like APK, can you recommend other apps to put on Firestick?

  4. I downloaded the lime app. Started my show on my phone useing lime with showbox. Saw the cast icon, hit that and my localcast app popped up and I casted to my big screen no problems.

  5. Hi I’ve just watched you YouTube video and I’ve gone into APK TIME and notice that I can get the google play store download but when I download it says to uninstall old version and updates for the google play store app but don’t know which one to uninstall can you help I’m on a nivida shield?

  6. Hello there, I have been using Showbox with bluestacks on my PC without issue until today when I launched it and was advised there was a new update for Showbox. I went ahead and performed the update without knowing the issues with Lime Player and I now cannot stream movies like before. When I try, I get an error that states "cannot play this file". It looks as though I can download the movie and then watch it through Lime Player but with the download time being long, it defeats the purpose of why I was using Showbox initially. Any idea as to how I can roll it back or get Lime Player to allow me to stream movies using my PC? Appreciate any assistance you could give!

  7. I’m getting the error “the page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security “ I can’t even go over to see the rest of the error.

    On a android box. Can someone please help?

  8. I just started watching Chernobyl via Show Box. The show is insightful. However, Show Box stops each episode around the 30 minute and prompts to use MX Player. The does run on MX Player.

  9. An easier way is to just download the apk file for line player direct from line players web site. Though I am on an ancient kindle and that’s the only way I get things to work!
    Can’t see what all the fuss is about. Works a treat. Choose what you want to watch it plays you push cast button it asks you which program you want to use. All cast. Choose the screen. Hey pesto. Like new. Long live showbox!

  10. Tried but download corrupt. Can't use new version either as Lime player says it "isn't compatible with TV" on Amazon firestick 4k

  11. Is there a way to do this on roku or just fire tv stick? Have been using showbox with all screen ro cast showbox from phone to tv to watch and it stopped after the showbox update.

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